Proof That the Internet is a Hilarious Clusterfuck

1 Feb

Search Terms That Directed People to This Site:

mary todd lincoln nude
people who eat scabs
colostomy haters
i want to eat my daddy to shreds
hamburger crotch
sexy larp
abe lincoln gets beaten up
old people eating cat food
best short haircut for woman with jowls
rich white people
useless liberal arts degree
ugly people that look like cum

Looking for support groups dedicated to old people addicted to cat food. It's not going well.










Search Terms That Directed People to “Let There Be Danger,” Which Used to Be Called “Neurotic Apes with Bad Haircuts” and “End of the World News” Before That:

asian girls being finger fuck on buses
how to cheer yourself up after a bad haircut
why did people stand on the mountains in utah thinking the world would end?
monologue character who is a little off-center neurotic and slightly vacuous
neck veins tv
dangers of greyhound buses

Now THAT'S some quality public transportation fingerbangin' action. Thanks, internet!


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